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  • When using the international forwarding service, the Terms of Use and Terms Relating to Overseas Delivery Utilizing International Shipment Contracting Services applies.
  • The international forwarding services can be used only when shopped at mu-mo shop international shopping site. At the general mu-mo shop, we only deliver within the territory of Japan
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SOLD OUT 売り切れです


□□□’s brand new album “Manpower” is out. This album is hardcore melodious pop, and contains a very touching 14 minute (!!!) song “ItsukaDokokade (means ‘sometime, somewhere’)” used for SAMSUNG GALXY SIISPACE BALLOON PROJECT.
In addition to the song, □□□ sublimed theatrical elements, Hip Hop, rock, pop, and experimental music into ultimate POPmusic blending together.
This is one of must-listen albums of 2012.




●01. man #1 power
●02. 合唱曲 スカイツリー
●03. You & I
●04. man #2 べ短調
●05. 聖者の行進
●06. man #3 愛をパーティ中
●07. いつかどこかで (Album Version) 
●08. Baby