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By making use of the "international shipping agency services" below from this site, it is now possible to deliver products overseas.

<International shipping agency services available on this site>
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● "international shipping agency services" is a separate service from our service.
The use, in addition to the purchase procedure in the mu-mo shop, registration is required to the "international shipping agency services".
Regarding the inquiries about the procedure of "international shipping agency services", I am afraid that I can not answer in the Company.

●Shipping of overseas delivery using the "international shipping agency services" are limited to products that are available in the "mu-mo shop overseas sales site".

● mu-mo shop goods that have been posted on overseas sales site, does not mean that can be delivered to all countries and regions. Please note.

●When you use the overseas delivery, mu-mo shop of "Terms of Use", and"international shipping agency Covenant on overseas delivery using the service"will be applied.

●the international shipping agency services are available and will be only in the "mu-mo shop overseas sales site".
In normal mu-mo shop site We accept only shipping in Japan.

"Click here" Press the button, from the authentication screen on the next page membership number 6 digits and enter your registration password to fan club, please proceed to the purchase screen by logging.

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●cancellation after signing up is that it does not accept any Please note.
● If the password that you registered in fan club is wrong, you will not be able to log in from here.
Check and change personal information that is your registration to fan club, from the login screen of the "membership number" and "password", please check.
●Please note that your replacement cancellation of goods was once purchased can not be at all.
●For more information about the member information screen, "Frequently Asked Questions" confirm.